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It’s critical to find the best roofer when you need work done on your roof, such as repairs or a roof replacement. If you don’t, you might end up with shoddy roof work, which could cause more damage. How do you know which roofer to hire to work on your roof?

Choosing the best roofer entails learning what qualities to look for. You can choose the right contractor if you are familiar with the qualities that all good roofers have. Keep the following attributes in mind when looking for a roofer to perform repairs or other roofing services at your home.

Insurance, Licensing, and Training

Any roofing contractor you hire for your home should be licensed and insured. This helps to ensure that they do roofing work safely and correctly, avoiding additional roofing issues. In addition, insurance protects you from liability if roofers are injured on your property.

Roofers you hire should be properly trained to work on your roofing system. For example, if your home has a metal roof or a flat roof, you should look for roofers who have the necessary training to work on these roofing systems.

Locally Based

When looking for roofers, look for those who are near you. These roofers should be local and have years of experience with roofing in the area. Local roofers know how the local climate affects roofs and can help you select the best roofing materials for your home.

All roofing work should be done by the roofers you hire. Avoid hiring roofers who use subcontractors for roof repairs and other work; they cannot guarantee the quality of the work or ensure that it is done correctly.

Good Reviews and References

Look for roofers who have a good track record and a good reputation. These roofers should be able to provide you with references to call to find out how other customers feel about their work. Ideally, you should also find roofers recommended by people you trust.

Excellent Communication

When having roofing work done, it is critical to be able to ask questions and have your concerns addressed as soon as possible. Hiring roofers with good communication skills can help with this. Your roofers should return phone calls and answer any questions you have about your roof and the work they’re doing.

Thorough Initial Inspection

Some roofers provide a free inspection to determine how much work is needed and to provide an estimate. They must climb onto your roof and into your attic to do this effectively. Look for roofers who perform a thorough initial inspection rather than estimating what needs to be done from the ground.

No Upfront Payment Required

You should not feel obligated to pay for roofing work in advance. In fact, if you pay roofers who do a poor job or do not show up at all, this can backfire. Avoid hiring roofers who demand upfront payment for roofing work. Instead, you should pay for it after the work is completed.

Itemized Estimate

A general estimate will not explain why your roof repairs or replacement are so expensive. Request an itemized estimate that breaks down the cost of each item included in your roof repairs or replacement. This makes it easier to see what you are paying for, like specific parts and labor fees. Before hiring a roofing contractor, carefully go over your itemized estimate.

Fair Roofing Costs

When selecting a roofer, don’t go for the cheapest option. Instead, look for a roofer who offers high-quality work at a reasonable price. While this may imply paying more than other roofing contractors, think of it as peace of mind. When you hire experienced roofing contractors known for doing quality work, the extra cost is well worth it.

Tips for Choosing the Best Roofing Contractor

Get At Least 3 Quotes

Obtain at least three quotes (ideally from contractors with different specialties). You should also make sure that you know the materials that your roofer will be using. Will they be using traditional shingles or new technology? Are their products safe for the environment? What is their warranty policy, and how long have they been in business to back up those claims? When looking into a new contractor, it’s always important to do your research—you don’t discover too late that he doesn’t deliver on his promises. Before signing any contracts, getting references, asking questions, and getting everything in writing is a good idea.

Check Reputation On Social Media

Spending a lot of money on a new roof and then finding leaks or standing in puddles after it rains is the worst thing that could happen. Before moving forward, it’s a good idea to research your contractor on sites like Facebook, Yelp, and Houzz. Knowing what other homeowners have said about your chosen contractor is very helpful. If something seems off, there’s probably more lurking beneath the surface—don’t risk it. If you think everything looks good but want a second opinion, don’t hesitate to talk to people who have hired the contractor you’re considering.

Do A Site Visit

Even if you do not sign a contract with a potential contractor, visiting their job site can provide important information about their work. Do they make use of high-quality materials? Can they keep to the schedule? Are there any noticeable communication issues with any subcontractors? All of these are critical questions to think about. Even if you decide not to hire that particular contractor, you will know more about their company and will be able to determine what questions to ask others.

Ask Questions

Once you’ve found a few contractors who seem like good fits, give them each a personal interview and compare their responses. This is a chance to find out how they operate and think, as well as what kind of service and value they offer. Also, make sure that all final bids include the cost of labor. Some companies will only quote the cost of materials, but when you sign a contract, they will charge you extra for labor. That’s something else to cover upfront, so there are no surprises later.

Get Referrals

The best way to find the best roofer is to ask around. Ask your neighbors, friends, and family if they can recommend good roofers. Or, you could do a Google search for “Best Roofing Company in Forest Lake, MN,” and look to see who ranks near the top. You can also call a local chapter of a professional roofing contractors association (like The National Roofing Contractors Association) and ask them how to find good roofers.

Most Common Residential Roof FAQs

  • How Long Will My Roof Last? 

Asphalt shingle or tile roofs should last 25-35 years if properly installed and maintained. If you have purchased a home and do not know when the roof was built, we suggest you have a roof inspection to determine the remaining useful life of your roof. This will allow you to better maintain the roof and begin budgeting for a new roof if you expect to need one while owning the home.

  • Can I Extend The Life Of My Roof? 

All roofing materials deteriorate and erode over time, especially when exposed to the elements. You can, however, significantly extend the life of your roof with proper maintenance. Most homeowners make the mistake of ignoring necessary minor repairs. It’s easy to replace a missing shingle, but if you don’t, water may seep in, debris could accumulate, other shingles could come loose, or the underlayment could get damaged. Taking care of minor issues can keep decades-long problems at bay.

  • What Can I Do To Ensure My Roof Lasts As Long As Possible?

A homeowner can greatly benefit from periodic visual self-inspections and annual professional inspections. If a minor problem is not addressed, it can grow into a major problem. Regular inspections allow you to make minor repairs before they turn into larger projects and before a minor leak becomes a major or mold problem.

  • How Can I Know If I Have A Roof Leak? 

There are several ways to detect water intrusion if you don’t notice any damage to your roof before it leaks. If possible, go up to the attic and inspect the wood framing for signs of moisture, such as dark spots or rot. You can also inspect the insulation to see if it is matted, damp, or eroding. All of these signs may indicate a roof leak. You can also inspect your home’s ceilings and walls for stains, bulging, and drips during and after major rainstorms. If you see any of these, seek professional help right away.

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Our residential roofing company has provided reliable roofing services in Forest Lake, MN, for many years. We are licensed and insured, and we do not use subcontractors for any of our roofing work. Our company provides exceptional service that goes above and beyond.

Please contact our roofing company immediately if you require a roof replacement, repair, or other roofing services. Our local roofers provide homeowners in and around Forest Lake, MN, with reliable, high-quality roofing services. We can take care of all your roofing needs so that your home is protected from the elements. Give us a call at 612-850-6350!

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