ail-Proof Roofing Materials

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Hail-Proof Roofing Materials in Lino Lakes, Minnesota

Weather elements such as hail can cause damage to your roof. Each year, millions of people have to consider getting a contractor to help with roof repairs because of these icy projectiles. Depending on the hail intensity, sometimes they can crack, dent, or completely damage the roofing material. This leaves your home vulnerable to more damage by other weather elements. 

So, what is the solution? The most practical solution is to get hail-proof metal roofs for your house. This is especially true when you live in areas prone to hail stones. So long as you use roof shingles designed to withstand the hail stones, you should be able to have better protection and still maintain the look of your home better and for longer. 

If you are still unsure why you should get the hail-proof roofing materials for your next residential roofing project, the pro tips below should help change your mind. 

Increased Durability and Longevity

Whether it is a hip roof or a flat roof, both are at risk of damage from hail. It is worse when the wind speed is also high. That is why, for your commercial or residential roof, you should consider getting hail-proof roofing materials

These materials are the best for roofing solutions because of their increased durability and longevity. Even in extreme weather conditions, they can mostly withstand the elements. 

Traditional roofing materials may fall short when handling the harsh hailstone impacts. This is because hailstone can still vary in size from as small as pellets to the size of gold balls. 

The hail-proofing materials are specifically engineered to resist these impacts, ensuring that the roof remains functional even after facing a severe hailstorm. 

You will notice that the composition of the hail-proof roofing materials varies greatly depending on the company. So, during your roof replacement or roof installation, you should take the time to understand the different materials and how they help your situation. 

Common materials include modified asphalt and styrene butadiene styrene (SBS), which generally give the roofing material more flexibility and resilience. Such a construction makes the materials more effective at absorbing and dispersing the energy from hail impacts than standard shingles. 

Studies and statistics from insurance companies have also demonstrated the overall performance of hail-proof roofing materials compared to traditional roping materials. The insurance data shows that homes with such roofing materials tend to have a lower claim rate because of hail damage, and the roof repair costs are lower. 

You might be intrigued, but how long do these hail-proof materials last? If the maintenance is done correctly, traditional asphalt shingles may last up to 20 years. As for the hail-proof materials, expect these metal roofs to last over 30 years. This is the same for hail-prone areas. 

Enhancing durability will mean getting more protection over a longer period and reducing the need for roofing services every few years. 

Cost Effectiveness Over Time

The cost of hail-resistant roofing can be a deal breaker for some people. Yes, it can be expensive to buy these materials initially, but you will save more down the line as they will not need regular maintenance and replacement all the time. 

Another cost benefit is that the insurance premiums are lower because of their known durability against the elements, including water damage. 

A roofing company can easily give you a quotation where the hail-proof roofing materials cost up to three times the cost of traditional roofing materials. So, where is the benefit? Look at it in terms of overall lifespan. The hail-proof materials generally have an extended lifespan and superior durability. Compared to traditional roofs, you may have to do repairs each time there is slight damage. 

Since you will not be spending as much time on the repairs and labor as you did before, expect the funds to be utilized for something else. People also get peace of mind knowing they will not have to consider the water damage as before. 

Enhanced Home Protection

Besides lowering your home insurance premiums, the hail-proof roofing materials can also help provide much-needed home protection. Since your home is safeguarded from hail and other extreme weather conditions, you will notice fewer repairs on the house’s structural part. 

Many people who use such building materials also love how they can significantly reduce the risk of leaks and water damage. So, even during severe hailstorms, you are not worried that the roof might get damaged and bring more water into the house. As such, that is one way of avoiding mold, which could have been part of the water damage to your house. 

Of course, the overall safety of those living in the house is guaranteed. A good example is when there are high wind speeds, which often accompany the hailstorms. In such as case, the hail-proof materials are usually anchored using stronger systems to keep the shingles or metal roofs in place. 

More protection from the elements is often enough to make someone consider such roofing solutions. They now know that people and other valuables in the house are well protected regardless of the weather conditions. 

Increased Property Value 

Metal roofs with hail-proof properties generally improve their values quite well once the roof installation is done. Real estate agents are becoming more knowledgeable about the existence of such roofing solutions. For this reason, more agents are listing houses with such roofs at a premium.

This improves the overall price you can get for a house, especially if the house is in a hail-prone area. 

A study by the National Association of Realtors shows that if a house has been upgraded with impact-resistant roofs, its market price will likely increase by 7%. That is a great increase in property value as buyers now feel more protected in their houses. 

Also, customers are drawn into such a commercial or residential building since they would not have to consider making any extra improvements to the house. If a buyer is aware that the area has hailstorm challenges and the house has measures in place to protect them, it becomes easier to sell the house as an agent. 

Environmental Impact 

Hail-proof shingles can also aid in protecting the environment. Yes, by opting for these durable roofing materials, you contribute positively to ecological conservation. This is because you do not have to change the roofing materials as often. This also applies to the roof repair and replacement. 

The hail-proof roof shingles may also provide substantial energy efficiency benefits. These materials are good at reflecting the solar radiant heat rather than actually absorbing that energy. So, even in warmer months, you would have to deal with increased energy costs for running the air conditioning equipment. 

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the reflective properties of these hail-proof roofs can help reduce cooling costs by 10%. 

Another benefit of these hurricane-proof roofs is that they offer enhanced insulation properties. These insulation properties mean you get a stable indoor temperature, and less heat is required to heat the house during the cold months. 


It is easy to see that hail-proof roofing materials will offer benefits to property owners. This extends further than just weather resistance. Many people like that they can get better durability and longevity, save on insurance, have fewer repairs, and so much more. If you are a real estate agent, then you know how this can increase the property value. Because of this, many people are willing to spend more on such roofing materials.

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